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I am Juliette Bogaers, married and mother of two daughters and a son. I was brought up in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, but having finished my History of Art study at the University of Amsterdam, I moved to London in 1988. Here I found employment as a specialist in an auction house. In 1995 I established myself as an independent art and antiques dealer, specialising in Art Nouveau and Art Deco. In 2013, I decided to wind down my antiques business in Kensington Church Street.

Dutch language and culture are clearly present in my daily family life, even though my children have never lived in the Netherlands. They have been brought up bilingual, supported by attending the Nederlandse Regenboog School in London. For 14 years as Governor and Chair, I was heavily involved with the organisation and expansion of the school.

From personal experience with my mother I witnessed how important it is for older people to live independently in their own home for as long as possible. When a move to a care home is inevitable, individual care and attention remain essential, but unfortunately,  professional carers often do not have enough time.
With these experiences in mind, I aspire to offer extra support where needed with Dutch Care At Home.

Even though I am totally at home in London, conversations in my mother tongue are essential for my feeling of well-being.
There might be Dutch senior citizens who would like to be in contact with Dutch people, but are not able to meet them on a regular basis because of their circumstances.
There may be Dutch men and women who, because of a stroke or dementia, have lost the ability to speak their second language, but have no problem conversing in Dutch. Unfortunately these people are not always lucky enough to have a Dutch companion.
I believe it is important that older Dutch people have an opportunity to converse in their mother tongue too.

I am in possession of an Enhanced Certificate issued by the Disclosure & Barring Service in December 2013.

If you require help, or want more information, please email or call us.

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If you require our help, or want more information,
please email or call Juliette Bogaers.

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